Choose your wood type

The Forestlines® plays the card of ecology and biodiversity.

This is biodiversity in the broad sense, both in nature and in the project market.

We chose not to mention wood type names, you will only get to know them when you click on the photo.

Take your time, assess aspects such as color and grain structure and let yourself be surprised by your own choice.

Choose a Lesser Known Timber Specie (LKTS) and certified wood, give value to lesser-known wood and contribute to biodiversity.

All types of wood have been tested in accordance with EN 13501-1:2018 and are valid in END USE for plank widths between 65 and 135mm, combined with 30mm aluminium.

Other configurations are also possible, but must then be tested.

Reaction to fire class B-s1,d0

Reaction to fire class C-s1,d0

All necessary scientific tests have been successfully completed, it may take several weeks before we have all official classification documents.