Forest calculator

​By choosing wood from certified forests, you give the forest economic value and enable the forest manager to protect the forest. Use the forest calculation tool to calculate how many m² of forest your project will protect if you choose FSC® wood.

​Enter how many m² of wooden facade cladding you need (had) for the project. Forestlines® uses tropical wood, so you protect the most valuable forests in the world, tropical forests.

Calculate how many m² of forest your project protects.

How did we calculate this?

​One m² of Forestlines® in accordance with the fire classification contains an average of 0.02593 m³ of wood. Of course, we also take extra account of approximately 10% cutting loss during assembly.

​Yield data from various FSC® concessions show that an area of ​​more than 1,000 m² of tropical forest (0.1 hectare) produces a yield of approximately 0.5 m³ of hardwood. Because the yield can differ per type of hardwood, averages have been used.

​The FSC® forest calculation tool is a first step in quantifying the positive impact of using FSC® wood on protecting forests. No rights can be derived from the tool and the calculated impacts.

Lesser Known Timber Species or 'LKTS'

​Did you know that there are more than 50,000 tropical wood species? However, we currently only use a small amount of these species.

​Do you opt for Lesser Known Timber Species (LKTS) from FSC® in our circular facade system Forestlines®?

​Then you give value to lesser-known types of wood and your choice protects the forest and its biodiversity.

​Do you want to know more about the Lesser Known Timber Species?

​Below the official PDFs of FSC®

  • Tropical wood and LKTS
  • Neotropolis
  • Tropical Africa

Optimal return

​The Forestlines® gives an optimal yield to every tree trunk.

​Narrow and shorter pieces are integrated into our system almost without any problems because the aluminum connector secures them optimally.

​Because you do not have to let the planks come together on the substructure, you will have up to half less sawing loss and you will obtain an optimal use of untreated wood as raw material.

​By strongly focusing on variable widths ourselves, we also want to emphasize the narrower 'recovery sizes'.

​We integrate as many parts of the tree trunk as possible so that each tree trunk gets optimum efficiency.

Optimaal rendement

Recycled wood

​If one wants to give wood a second life, the yield is usually greatly limited technically.

​Because the bad pieces are sawn away, you quickly end up with a lot of shorter and narrower wood.

​The Forestlines® is a revolution in the world of recycled wood.

​The wood is clamped well over the entire length, should not come together on the substructure, etc. This means that the yield of recycled wood is firmly optimized.

​The Forestlines® can have used bollards recut and then give a very high-quality second life in facade cladding.

​Depending on the type of wood, this can also be done up to fire reaction class B-s1,d0 without treatment.