The story

The Forestlines® is a revolution in the world of wooden facade cladding.

It is a circular facade system in which untreated(!) wood is brought to the absolute top of building materials as the most ecological raw material.

Forestlines® is the very first to ensure that untreated wood can reach fire reaction class B in END USE.

This is due to the combination of all kinds of scientific laws such as micro-compartmentalization, heat conduction, reduction of flammable surface, etc.

This way you get facade cladding that approaches the absolute top in both fire and structural engineering and still gives you the opportunity to personalize according to wood type, plank width, etc.

Years of scientific study

The Forestlines concept is the end result of a thorough, many years of scientific study. The very best fire class with untreated wood was sought and found by means of trail-and-error.

Our own study was then combined with the final project of a (very) ambitious student, which gave us a better understanding of fire safety and the influence of wood properties on the fire behavior of wood.

Over the years, countless fire tests were organized and we came to Forestlines®.

The Forestlines® product is now supported with a very high knowledge of fire and fire tests.

Ecology and biodiversity

The Forestlines® is a revolution in the world of wood, both in terms of fire and construction.

The system offers the opportunity to make optimal use of wood as a natural product by having much less sawing loss.

At the same time, the connector also works as a stabilizer that optimally absorbs the effect of wood.

The Forestlines® is therefore one of the very best opportunities to integrate lesser-known types of wood (LKTS) into the market.

We are happy to play the card of global biodiversity, both in nature and in the project market.

The Forestlines® has won one international award after another.

The impact of the Forestlines® has not just passed away.

In recent years, no less than fourteen international prizes have been won, especially the innovation and ecological prizes.

This ranges from the main prize of the Red Dot Awards 2022 – The best innovative product' to the Architecture Masterprize, German Design Awards, etc.


FSC® is a global, not-for-profit organization with high brand recognition. The FSC® certificate guarantees that the wood comes from a sustainably managed forest, where both environmental and social aspects are monitored. Ask about our FSC® certified products.

The circular facade system Forestlines® strives for the optimal use of FSC®.

Some details:

Forestlines Façade cladding

Fully customizable profile

Two clip widths and countless possibilities in wood.

Forestlines Façade cladding

Invisible confirmation

High level of finish, invisibly screwed.

Forestlines Façade cladding

Fast assembly

Simple and fast installation.

Forestlines Façade cladding

Price advantage

Absolute minimum of cutting loss = price advantage. The wood and aluminum should not come together on a back slat.

Forestlines Façade cladding

Innovative screw

Innovative screw with wood cutter and torx head.

Forestlines Façade cladding

Minimal insects

Minimum of spiders, insects, dirt, etc.

Forestlines Façade cladding

Top quality aluminum

Top quality aluminum.

Forestlines Façade cladding

Scratch resistant coating

Strong scratch-resistant coating.

Forestlines Façade cladding

Coating in accordance with QUALICOAT Seaside.

Stronger protection for particularly aggressive environments (coastal area, industrial area, etc).

Forestlines Façade cladding

In-house management

Top quality wood and processing in-house.

Forestlines Façade cladding

Developed with craftsmen and architects

The profile has been developed in consultation with craftsmen and architects

Forestlines Façade cladding

Protected profile

A registered trademark, several registered models and patented by Paulussen Houthandel BV.

Profiles for Forestlines®

Aluminum profiles in two standard widths, 20 and 30mm between the wood. These profiles can be combined

Coating according to QUALICOAT SEASIDE.

Absolute top in all circumstances. Good scratch resistance.

Profiel zijaanzicht
Profiel verdikking

Thinner end to make it easier to find the groove. Thickening to clamp the profile.

Profiel volledig zijaanzicht
Screw location

Small screw line to fix the screw location.

No pre-formed holes so that the beams behind always come out.

Invisibly screwed and nicely countersunk screw head.

Profiel schroefplaats
Uitfrezing voor het verzinken van de schroefkop

Special milling to countersink the screw head.

Custom project

By doing the production in-house, we can also offer other sizes. This allows each project to be optimally personalized.

Project op maat zijaanzicht

Profile formats

Width and thickness options depending on stock.


The profiles and dimensions shown are indicative and do not always correspond to the classified profiles and dimensions.

Realizations with Forestlines®

Industrial building Lichtaart (BE)
Il Cielo - Kasterlee
Ronald McDonald House - Amsterdam (NL)
Wonderwoods - Utrecht (NL)


RedDot Winner 2022
RedDot Best Innovative Product 2022
European Product Design Award
Iconic Awards
Architecture Masterprize Product Design 2022
BCA22 Awards Climate Future Product/Concept
German Design Award