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In Utrecht, the construction of the Plus Ultra multi-company building started in mid-April.
The 23,000 square meter complex mainly accommodates start-ups and growing companies in the life sciences sector.
The office and laboratory building, designed by CEPEZED, will have a flexible design and will be energy neutral.

For the sake of flexibility in use, CEPEZED has designed a hybrid main supporting structure. This enables large spans and thus large, freely divisible floor areas. A spacious and light atrium, which connects to a terrace on the south facade, forms the heart of the building. It is a space for meeting, flexible working, events and lunch.

Walkways, balconies and other elements connect the atrium with the surrounding offices, laboratories and meeting rooms. A science gallery will be built in the glass plinth, where exhibitions will be held. In terms of sustainability, the standards of the labels BREAAM-Outstanding and WELL Platinum are pursued.

The Plus Ultra Utrecht of CEPEZED has opted for the circular facade system Forestlines® in the type of wood JATOBA FSC100%.
While JATOBA® is a Lesser Known Timber Specie in FSC®, the project also protects 181,000m2 of forest and its biodiversity for 30 years.
For dimensions, a well-thought-out choice was also made for a narrow recovery size.
In this way, every tree trunk is optimally used and you have minimal impact on the world's forests.

This project was excellently supervised by our dealer Soulwood.

Other companies involved:
De Groot en Visser BV
Kadans Science Partner
Goossen Te Pas

Houthandel Paulussen supplied the materials for this project. We do not realize projects ourselves, but we can refer you to the right professional or specialist.

This project protects 181000²m forest for 30 years.
Category: Cladding
Wood type:Jatoba
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